[microsound] Vid for my track on the vague terrain comp

Jaime Munarriz Ortiz mail at jaime-munarriz.jazztel.es
Thu Oct 14 15:23:42 EDT 2010

  I think it starts nicely, but then the abstract images become too 
obvious, as you can see easily two trains on a railroad.
I think this kin of visual treatment deserves some tension, were you try 
to resolve the forms.
The more abstract material fits better at the beginning, like the 
'pushed in z axis' 3d mesh.
You could alter the more evident parts at the beginning, maybe masking 
some regions (with black squares or so).
Then, around 2',  you begin to introduce the 'real world', and it works 
But these 2 first minutes should maintain the tension, with abstract and 
evocative shapes.
The rhythm is ok, I think, following the audio parts.
But you can always introduce more 'synchro- events', reinforcing some 
important sounds.

I hope this helps.

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