[microsound] Vid for my track on the vague terrain comp

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Thu Oct 14 10:38:46 EDT 2010

Thanks Guy.
No, not done in Processing thogh - this was done in Jitter. I just checked
out House of Cards and I see what you mean! The difference is that I think
that looks like 3d scans of objects -whereas this is just deformation of 2d
images, far less high tech!

Mine is based on the same process you can see in this vid


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> Hello Dan,
> When you say 'video processing', are you implying that you used
> Processing (the programming language) to make the video? I thought it
> might be because it looks superficially similar to the video for
> Radiohead's video for House of Cards.
> Good work!
> Guy
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> Hi all,
> I started mucking around with video processing the other week and put
> together a vid for the tune I put forward for Kim's Microsound comp on
> Vague Terrain (ages ago I know, but it's now part of an album which I
> just finished). Thought some of
> you might be interested and I'd appreciate opinions as it's my first
> crack at digital animation/vid processing.
> http://vimeo.com/14901626
> (I retitled it because I wanted to make some aspects of its
> construction more explicit - it's called Formes Rouges on the comp).
> Cheers
> Dan
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> http://www.skjolbrot.org
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