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Tue Oct 12 04:10:50 EDT 2010

Hey..me too... 

Am 12.10.2010 um 09:53 schrieb Frank Barknecht:

> Hi Michael,
> On Mon, Oct 11, 2010 at 11:42:19PM -0400, michael trommer wrote:
>> Good chance that this has already been seen by most of you, but just in
>> case:
>> http://vimeo.com/1737899
> thanks for pointing this out. I didn't know it, so you've made at least
> one on this list a bit smarter. :) 
> (Those wondering what's it about: The video is a 30 min. documentary
> about sound perception, soundscapes etc. called "Soundwalkers" by Raquel
> Castro.)
> Ciao
> -- 
> Frank
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