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erik de bruyn erikdastudio at yahoo.co.uk
Fri May 21 10:14:20 EDT 2010

i'll volunteer , i'm radio-guy, but , beware , i'm allways honest ;)
grtz, erik

From: Klanggold <touch at klanggold.net>
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Subject: [microsound] Reviews wanted

Hello music lovers. 
i´m trying to find people/ magazines/ radio guys which are interessted in writing reviews of klanggold releases.
we throw out experimental, ambient, noise, avant-garde and soundscape stuff to the world ;)

if you feel, that you´re the right person, please get in touch with me

Andreas Usenbenz 

label for experimental, avantgarde, improvised & electronic audioart

c/o andreas usenbenz 
Eichenhang 73
89075 ulm


be a friend:


kg008/ Haruki . Snowed in Food Shelter (cd/dl)
(file under: experimental, neo-classical, drones, ambient)

still hot:

kg007/ Morgan Craft - Morgan Kraft (digital)
(file under: experimental, Avantgarde Jazz, Improvisation)

kg006/ Nobile- Mariella (digital + special limited cd version)
(file under: experimental, piano music, ambient, improvisation)

kg005/ Viirus- The Virus Album 
(file under: experimental, Jazz, free jazz, soundscapes)

kg004/ Jens Döring & Ulrich Troyer- 20050429 
(file under: experimental, noise, improvisation)

kg003/ 3Banditos- Sympathy For The Donkey 
(file under: experimental, noise, improvisation)

kg002/ Jair Rohm Parker Wells- AMDG
(file under: experimental, noise, jazz)

kg001/ Nobile- Pelktron 
(file under: experimental, ambient, noise, new music)

forthcoming releases:

jens döring & andreas usenbenz - salat (kg008)

jens döring & andreas usenbenz - wurst (kg009)

haruki - snowed in food shelter (kg010)

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