[microsound] DevineCube granular ensemble for reaktor w/ lemur template!

Graham Miller grahammiller at sympatico.ca
Tue May 11 13:55:20 EDT 2010

just downloaded this free ensemble... it's really outstanding. check it out if you have reaktor! there's also a lemur template too! 


i'm not affiliated with any of this - just wanted to share.

all the best,


from the website:
Richard Devine is one of the most highly respected sound designers in our industry and here he gives away the result of an electroacoustic collaboration with RachMiel: a unique new Reaktor instrument. Not only that, but he's created a special Lemur version alongside Lemur-programmer genuis Antonio Blanca for the JazzMutant community. 

Richard Devine's unique approach to sound is hugely in demand and the Lemur Cube's two granular samplers are packed with an entire library of original sound content. The randomisations inside the Reaktor patch make it a sound sculpture piece that never plays the same sound twice. The in-depth control provided by the Lemur template is perfect for guiding the chaos. 

The twisted textures provided by DevineCube are ideal to add soundscapes and sound fx to any project, or even throw in your own samples into the waveform window (define the samples range in the main window) and see what comes out! 

Click here for the lemur template!.
Click here for a huge four granular sampler Reaktor only version for more sonic madness!.

Whilst you listen to the amazing sounds coming out of this Lemur/Reaktor instrument, sit back and let the credits roll: 

Concept & sound design:
Richard Devine & Josh Kay

Concept & programming:
Rick Scott

Additional programming & GUI tweaks:
Igor Shilov
Twisted Tools

LemurCube control surface design & additional sound design:
Antonio Blanca

All sounds ©2010 DevineSound 
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