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Tobias Reber tobiasreber at sunrise.ch
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my two cents: I'd buy a Zoom H2. the four mics (90° / 120° / quad /  
quad-to-stereo) allow for a great range of uses (including interview- 
like situations where you want a clear recording your voice/instrument/ 
noise and that of a person facing you).

i originally had a H4, and found the noise floor much too high for the  
thing to be of any use in field recording. however, judging from the  
positiv reaction the device has got from other people, it might just  
be a matter of personal taste or perception.

I'd go for the H2. it even costs less than the H4 (haven't checked  
right now, though).

hope this is of any help.


Am 17.03.2010 um 09:23 schrieb Frank Barknecht:

> Hallo,
> C. Reider hat gesagt: // C. Reider wrote:
>> Can anyone give recommendations for hand-held recording devices?  My
>> main consideration is money, I don't want to spend much... I'm  
>> looking
>> for built-in stereo mics relatively good for a wide variety of field
>> recording applications, inside or out, noisy or quiet, closeup or  
>> ambient
>> noise.  Any low-end equipment out there that's worth a darn?
> This is the best quickstart overview I found while recently shoping  
> for a
> mobile recorder myself:
> http://www.theatreofnoise.com/2009/11/summary-of-portable-digital-audio.html
> I settled on the Sony PCM M10 with the Olympus L10/11 devices coming  
> in second
> place for me.  Here are the first quick recordings I did with the  
> Sony inn the
> "field":
> http://footils.org/cms/weblog/2010/feb/04/kolner-prinzengarde-sony-pcm-m10/
> Ciao
> -- 
> Frank
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