[microsound] lecture on privacy

Kim Cascone kim at anechoicmedia.com
Mon Mar 15 22:39:39 EDT 2010

ok .microsounders time to lecture everyone again on privacy

first let me draw your attention to our legal document:

this legal document was crafted for us by our law firm: Dewey, Cheatham 
& Howe

because the .microsound list is unmoderated, whatever you post becomes 
public domain

the sad reality of posting to the public parts of the Intertubes is that 
there is no privacy -- sorry if that is disturbing news

but wait, that's not all: not only is your post stored on the 
.microsound servers for a very very long time but they are often picked 
up by other services, such as Nabble, that comb forums and lists and 
publish them elsewhere

essentially, every word you've ever posted to a forum or to an email 
list is replicated in a similar fashion and hence can be found in a 
multitude of places all ready to come back to haunt you one day

so deleting a post from a single server is pretty much useless

part of reaching adulthood is realizing no-one is responsible for your 
bad choices in life except you


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