[microsound] Artistic statement

Adam Davis technohead3d at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 3 18:46:22 EST 2010


Explorations into the hidden musicalities of raw data; like astrophysicists
to the strange tonalities and cycles of the space above, but in a different
direction. Background noises and minutiae, brought to the fore and heavily
manipulated; the cultivation of sound, not it's abuse. The recycling of
sound during the sound art-making process as strange rhythms that are as
much a part of the music as the final sound product the audience consumes
and registers. Organising the precedence of recycles before their respective
source materials, their "uncycles", across time. As rhythm, melody and
harmony, so phase, noise and atmosphere.

(Respective work: http://soundcloud.com/adam-james-davis/dataconcrete -
please download the original WAV if you have any spare time; the player is
quite unkind to the sound quality.)
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