[microsound] microacoustic: Angry Mountain

Kim Cascone kim at anechoicmedia.com
Wed Jan 13 15:08:18 EST 2010

I posted a piece last night
titled 'Angry Mountain'

it's my first electro-acoustic steampunk piece

last fall I recorded my son Cage playing his baritone horn
but I instructed him to play 'non-musical' sounds

I took the recordings and slowed them down in Baudline
then layered them in Ardour
the only processing (other than slowing them down) is a little 
compression and limiting

'Angry Mountain' is an atmosphere of sounds drifting up from the engine 
room of a steamship traveling across the Atlantic in 1875
on which I spend my journey reading Jules Verne novels in a small but 
comfortable room just above the engine room, decorated with maroon 
velvet drapes and shiny brass gas lamps
- stereotypes work to prod the imagination! ;)

I had originally used these sounds in a hydrophone piece
but thought they would make for a nice atmospheric piece all on their own

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