[microsound] Should musicians names appear on the anouncement? What about the name of the computer?

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Fri Jun 12 12:59:27 EDT 2009

On Fri, 12 Jun 2009, Samuel van ransbeeck wrote:

> with the class of composition we are doing a recital where we will have 
> our pieces played. In the draft for the anouncement we did not put the 
> name of the ensemble. For me this is not a problem , as I see it as a 
> project of the composition class, the instrument students just do their 
> chamber music. On the other hand, the other students (and the professor) 
> want to include the name of the ensemble on the anouncement. However, 
> there are two pure electronic pieces. Shouldn't we ten write also the 
> name of the performing computer eg 'iMac core2duo'? After all, the 
> computer is a performer as well.
> What are your thoughts about this?

I would list the name of the person who did the programming or other 
setup of the electronic piece on the computer as the performer or 
composer of that piece. I would consider the hardware or software to be 
listed, if at all, as an instrument. I would only list the computer as a 
performer if it is sentient (for example "HAL 9000, original composition").

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