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'Hey' Colin Tottero

Perhaps you think all Microsound members, Max, PD and Supercollider programmers  are complete and utter mugs ..  maybe you should apply for the vacancy yourself!  Any company dealing with 'worlds leading brands and agencies' would adopt a more professional approach to a genuine job.  Me thinks you are after a load of freebies!!!  Me thinks you should do us all a favour and unsubscribe yourself from this list.

Enough said.


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Hey Sound Designers - DSP Geeks - Sound Synthesis Enthusiasts.

Do Max - SuperCollider - Pd?
Do get in touch!

We are a London based creative audio company - working with some of the worlds leading brands &amp; agencies.
We have a opportunity for person/s to join our company as an intern - which could lead to a part time job in our studios in London

We are ideally looking for someone who is very talented DSP creative - programming sounds using MAX, SuperCollider, or Pd, is this you? 

Do you want to work on amazing projects, and be part of one of the most exciting creative audio companies in the UK?

Applying for the Job: 

We are advertising this position anonymously because we want to hear from all serious candidates, and allow ourselves to choose the correct person based on merit &amp; ability.

We would like hear from you! So this is open to all persons any age, background.  

This is NOT a musicians job, so its about your ability to create patches, and construct patches using these DSP - Its about your imagination and focus and dedication to your creative work. 

How to get the job. 
: Write a Mini Biog - Upload this with examples of your work. 
: Upload some of your previous work/s using Dropsend / Yousendit 
: Submit your demos - patches - builds
: Wait for us to contact you, if you have been successful we will get in touch. 
Please email us: sound_programmer at hotmail.co.uk

All Applicants, must be supported by demonstrating programming skills, and creative abilities. 

We are accepting submissions from May 25th - June 23rd 2009, however we will take on-board someone sooner if we feel their skills are perfect for us during this time. 
We will not respond to any emails about any submission unless you have followed the 
submission format listed below. 

We will NOT answer any questions about what company we are offering this amazing position from, nor who our clients our. 

We will not respond to any emails until we have listened to your work and had a chance to go over your patch builds. 

If you have been successful we will contact you.

Dont forget to include your contact details &amp; name on every piece of media, and communication. 

Please Do Not attach media to emails only use these FREE online systems


Remembering to add your name and contact details to the files / or attached .txt file. 

Please email us: sound_programmer at hotmail.co.uk

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