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Jason Wehmhoener jasonw22 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 09:28:48 EST 2009

So now I'm going to contradict myself and say that the recently mentioned
Eco and Morawski sound really interesting, so I'm going to have to get
around to reading those (and ya, possibly some or a lot of the others too if
I can manage it). Language has a way of allowing one to paint oneself into a
corner at times. ;-) I just wish I had more "free" time.

What I'm wondering about as I read about open work projects that allow for
the listener to form the piece as they experience it is: how do you
negotiate the need for public space in these works?

Living in the Santa Cruz, CA area, real estate isn't a trivial concern for
me. Several possibilities do come to mind however: temporary space (set up
for one night, tear it down again), gallery space (longer term art
installation, this seems to have the broadest possibility, but with some
hurdles for the unpedigreed...), truly public space such as parks
(interesting constraints from being outdoors, weatherproofing, guarding
against vandalism: "sound sculpture"), and virtual space (networked http
compositions, I've been a web developer in a professional capacity in past

Curious to hear ideas, strategies, brainstorms...

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