[microsound] microsound Digest, Vol 1, Issue 6

Damian Stewart damian at frey.co.nz
Mon Jan 19 21:10:47 EST 2009

greg g wrote:

> i agree with charles turner about the local approach, lately i've just 
> been getting back to cassette culture (although i was never in it in the 
> first place, being too young...) and, as he wrote, condemning myself 
> into obscurity at the same time.  if i were ever to establish a 

interesting that this point is coming up. i'm soon to face an interesting 
situation: in a few months my Dutch visa runs out, and i'm going to have to 
leave Europe and go back to New Zealand, unless i can rig up some new 
situation. the appeal of NZ is huge, plus all my friends are there. but in 
returning i'd be more or less giving up the nebulous 'career' thingy i've 
been building for myself as an artist here in EU-land. perhaps this makes 
more sense though, from a holistic point of view. i never quite brought 
myself to believe in the lifestyle of festivals via cheap jet flights; even 
high speed trains seem pretty fantastical.

well, something.

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