[microsound] Scales of sound

Paulo Mouat paulo.mouat at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 12:41:22 EST 2009

> I was wondering what the scale of the acoustic is in relation to
> microsound , do people see it as an independent form or as part
> of a larger structure incorporating different "scales" of sound,
> does anybody consciously use it in a micro/macro context?

In my experience it is all part of a larger structure. I approach it
in multiple ways, depending on my intentions: If I am making a
note-based composition, I don't care much for the micro level (the
features I am calling attention to don't require it); if, however, I
am making an "event-based" (or, perhaps, "field-based") work, I do
care a lot for the micro level. The fun starts when you attempt to mix
both. With very few exceptions, all my works fall into this category.
They usually consist of micro events expanded and extrapolated to the
macro scale.

On the topic of scales of sound, I recommend the book "Microsound" by
Curtis Roads.


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