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"Once we escape the tyranny of directed attention and remove our frame  
we find ourselves cast adrift in the meshing and mixing of  
indeterminate sounds forming a flux-field of energy,"

Excellent essay, I didn't spot any notion of representing the field as  
the person moves though it? was the focus more on stationary
recording and allowing the listener to 'be' there with context?

I *really* want to be able to visualize that field, I don't mean to  
record it (more on that later) but to actually make a 3D scan of  
something (check) and
then plot the acoustic interference patterns sound makes over the  
object (not checked) - finite element analysis may get me
closer to this goal, but imagine the possibilities for microphone  
research, dummy heads, and hydrophone structures - Im more
into the shapes and exploring those from nature that really work the  
best rather than sticking with tradition. Recent example,
what if bat ears were placed on a dummy head, how would they sound? or  
other "ears" and objects.

Mapping a sound field, where do I sign up to start planting microphone  
flowers? Thats an interesting project in itself...

I once tried this with two binaural rigs, I got my friend at work  
interested in binaural recording, I made him a set of binaural
headphones (mics) and then we recorded osaka castle simultaneously - I  
was rather disappointed with the result, it was possible
to jump location and switch from one "head" to the other, but any  
notion of extreme diffuse field was lost when attempting to
take the left channel from one head and the right channel from the  
(other) head, very interesting baudline fodder tho...

Beam forming via a mic matrix of is on my to-do list, mic flowers,  
self contained recorders, micro-sd cards about the
size of a battery all synced "somehow" :-)

Time to research "audio system on a chip" devices...


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