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Kim Cascone kim at anechoicmedia.com
Fri Feb 6 22:13:32 EST 2009

> i believe you might have them switched here... initially glenn was way
> more the rock guy (he was for certain a big roxy music fan b
> 4 moving down to ny from boston)

wow! -- that was you on ball peen hammer? that concert totally left  
me speechless -- one of the most powerful concerts I have ever heard

but my friend was indeed in Branca's guitar army (not Rhys) but this  
was way before even Rhys was known as 'the other' guitar noise guy
this would have been in the mid to late 70's -- my friend, Chip  
Duyck, was a painter at Parsons who had gained fleeting fame with his  
street intersection portraits of Andy Warhol done with masking tape
he and I were in a little art band and he would tell me stories about  
his time in Branca's army
and unless I'm remembering wrong his version was that Glenn knew  
little of rock 'n roll guitar technique (possibly knew of the music)  
but would beg Chip to bring in records to listen to

also, a club I was trying to remember last post: the Squat Club -- a  
lesser known but still an  amazing club where I saw many great bands  
including UT, Bern Nix, Lounge Lizards, James Chance, Bush Tetras and  
Y Pants...

but agreed on getting over the NYC 80's scene
there is too much good music still happening to get nostalgic for  
something in the past

thanks for de-lurking David and nice to meet you!

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