[microsound] New York in the 80's (was Rhys Chatham)

chmafu nocords chmafu at nocords.net
Fri Feb 6 19:07:29 EST 2009

I second that.
I live in Austria and there is a very interesting music scene here. But 
Italy is crazy. Don't ask my why! I don't know if they make much (or 
any) money (and I doubt it) but there is so much great music coming from 
I'd also include Scandinavia into the mix.

One pretty happy European (and I do not have to say that it's still 
terribly hard here),

> well i'm sure that kim will chime in here, but there are definitely
> > more opportunities in the EU and elsewhere in the world than in the
> > US.
> amen to that! and why I'm now an Italian citizen

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