[microsound] Noise Removal Plug-ins

Michael Sweeton mikesweeton at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 1 07:03:40 EST 2009

I'm doing some sound design for a uni-project and wanted to clean a few 
files up (clothing movements, footsteps etc..)

Thanks for the interesting reply though :)


Bill Jarboe wrote:
> hello mike, 
>    -don't know if you're still there or looking (not that I'm terming 
> you 'noise' or something), Soundhack dynamics is very good , and I'm 
> fairly sure Tom Erbe has a plugin available which is also probably 
> effective (I'm a big fan of his software, almost feel unworthy to use 
> his actual commercial applications , especially since I haven't sent 
> him a c.d. yet). He has the freesound mailing list, and has been quite 
> patient answering questions ; my questions being like an airhead with 
> a lamborghini saying: like , where's the ignition? so, when I turn the 
> steering wheel clockwise , it goes right , counterclockwise it goes 
> left , right?
>    What's strange is that the freesound list seems mostly empty, 
> rather like our imaginary airhead trying to get a date , or maybe the 
> opposite extreme.
>   Sorry if this seems slightly wacky, it's saturday night in seattle 
> and I'm trying to be boring in order to be safe.
>   What really concerns me , and I'm not including you in this 
> criticism, since I've never even heard a 'peep' out of you; is the 
> over driven , clipped beats. I should really write a review in order 
> to be polite , yet that doesn't read like a review in my mind , more 
> of a condemnation, and I still like the music in question. What 
> troubles me is the 'The orcs are coming , man flesh tonight , pound 
> you to the bottom of the oil well , throw you out in the street , 
> finish this skyscraper' relentlessly that I can very easily do without.
>   Isn't here a plugin to remove all that? Alternatively I could remove 
> the beats myself as a business proposition. You could send 
> questionable tracks to my SoundCloud dropbox ( email me off list ; 
> don't wish to foist my cloud on anyone) in exchange for reimbursement 
> via paypal -no , they seemed to have deleted me : hope they didn't 
> have my idea already and think that I was a beat- maybe it's alright 
> now , visa , check, money order  or contraband - maybe not contraband 
> , use your discretion please
>   I see it like this: the beats , thuds are representing the structure 
> that made the society , party possible. Instead of being the pathetic 
> loser at the party , why not remove the party so that you , or the 
> person who recorded the track- is  there a difference, we're open 
> -minded , socially oriented individuals right?- is all that remains.
>  My words are more effective than a cold shower- I'm sure.
>                                                      Bill
> On Jan 29, 2009, at 4:26 PM, flemming lyst wrote:
>> izotope rx is very good! but very expensive...
>> On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 1:20 AM, Michael Sweeton 
>> <mikesweeton at googlemail.com <mailto:mikesweeton at googlemail.com>> wrote:
>>     I can't seem to find them, I'm running 10.5.6, maybe they aren't
>>     included?
>>     Jakob Riis wrote:
>>     > The AU plugins that comes with the OS are no bad...
>>     >
>>     >
>>     >> does anybody know of any good free/cheap noise removal
>>     plug-ins for the mac
>>     >>
>>     >> thanks in advance
>>     >>
>>     >> mike
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