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Communauté électroacoustique canadienne
(CEC) Canadian Electroacoustic Community

eContact! 1.1 (March 1998, 8 March 2022)

Femmes en électroacoustique 1 / Women in Electroacoustics 1
The inaugural issue of eContact!, published by 
the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC) in 
1998, shone the spotlight on then-current 
activities of several Canadian, American and 
European composers, performers, educators and 
researchers working in the international 
electroacoustic community. On the occasion of its 
2022 reissue, we dedicate eContact! 1.1 to Andra 
McCartney (1955-2019), and Hannah Bosma 
contributes a Foreword. (March 1998, 8 March 2022)


Foreword (2022)
by Hannah Bosma


Journal de bord d'une expédition aux antipodes: 
La création de la bande sonore de «Pôles»
par Ginette Bertrand

Gender and Electroacoustics
by Hannah Bosma

Where Water Meets...
by Andra McCartney

Un studio d'électroacoustique à soi
par Pascale Trudel


[CD] Anne LeBaron -- The Musical Railism of Anne 
LeBaron (1995): ... Salt and Honeybees...
by Andra McCartney

[CD] Wende Bartley -- Claire-Voie (1994)
by Andra McCartney

[CD] Katharine Norman -- London (1996)
by Darren Copeland

[CD] Pauline Oliveros --- Alien Bog (1967) / Beautiful Soop (1966)
by Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner

[CD] Various -- New Music for Electronic & 
Recorded Media: Women in Electronic Music 1977 
by Laurie Radford

[CD] Hildegard Westerkamp -- Transformations (1996)
by Andra McCartney


EA Voices I: Andra McCartney, Monique Jean, Diana 
McIntosh, Pascale Trudel, Mara Zibens.

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