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Thu Mar 3 18:49:46 EST 2022

Hello Everyone!

Today is once again Bandcamp Friday, when all proceeds go to the artists! Bandcamp take no cut- it is their response to the pandemic.

We are using this day to launch publicly the Bandcamp version of TIME DREAMING for 19-division trumpet.

https://stephenaltofttrumpet.bandcamp.com/album/time-dreaming?fbclid=IwAR32WS3DNiTTvzWwj9WJ_hpX_Epgg0nbRe2gja5KD-XCKN_FPvrZSrVAK68 <https://stephenaltofttrumpet.bandcamp.com/album/time-dreaming?fbclid=IwAR32WS3DNiTTvzWwj9WJ_hpX_Epgg0nbRe2gja5KD-XCKN_FPvrZSrVAK68>

This album saw the debut recording of the 19-division Flugelhorn, with Sarabande? by Eleni Ralli, the first piece written for my ‘Inspired by the Baroque’ project for this instrument

This third album featuring the 19-division trumpet deals very thoroughly with harmony: in the form of electronics, multi-tracked trumpets, duo with a malletKAT (featuring my duo partner, Lee Ferguson), and ultimately with very precisely defined 19-division three-part harmony in the title work, Time Dreaming by Donald Bousted.

Other composers featured are:

Julia Werntz (Boston)
Manfred Stahnke (Hamburg)
Eleni Ralli (Basel)
Elia Koussa (Lebanon)
Vasiliki Kourti-Papamoustou (Freiburg)
Gordon Kampe (Hamburg)
Georg Hajdu (Hamburg)
Carlos Cotallo Solares (Philadelphia)
Stephen Altoft (Freiburg)

more info:
https://microtonalprojects.com/time-dreaming/ <https://microtonalprojects.com/time-dreaming/>

Best wishes,
Stephen Altoft

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