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Thu Feb 3 14:41:27 EST 2022

Tomorrow is once again Bandcamp Friday, when all proceeds go to the artists: Bandcamp take no cut. It is their response to the situation artists find themselves in, in the pandemic, when concerts have had to be postponed, cancelled or not even organised.

We are using this day to launch publicly the digital version of ‘Airborne’ (MPR 006, released on CD in 2009) by the highly regarded recorder player, Andreas Böhlen.

Two pieces by Donald Bousted, plus music by Peter Eötvös, Maki Ishii, Wolfram Graf and Stuart Saunders Smith

In his sleeve notes, Ken Hollings writes of the recorder, that ‘the future of music remains unthinkable without it’, and that is certainly the belief of composer, and Artistic Director of Microtonal Projects, Donald Bousted when he released the original CD. Donald saw the instrument as ‘ major protagonist of the 21st Century’, and it certainly continues to be in the hands of such an amazing talent as Andreas Böhlen.




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