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yugen david at yugen-art.org
Fri Feb 12 09:32:11 EST 2021


i am delighted to announce a new release as a free download : 

Jonas Olesen : █ 

The audio on this release is intentionally low in volume ,and is equalized accordingly. It is suggested to listen to at a moderate level, to allow the audio to blend with the natural background noise, present in the listening situation.
This is to investigate a listening situation where there is ambiguity between what sounds come from the loudspeakers, and what sounds are naturally present in the listeners environment.
Composed by Jonas Olesen 2014-2017.

https://www.yugen-art.org/jonas_olesen.html <https://www.yugen-art.org/jonas_olesen.html>

http://www.yugen-art.org/downloads.html <http://www.yugen-art.org/downloads.html>
many thanks to Jonas! 


twitter : @YugenArt
facebook : http://tinyurl.com/YugenArt

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