[microsound-announce] 10.30 a.m. today - Hope Works x Mixed in Sheffield : Exhibition #100 Livestream

David Newman dwnewman at clara.co.uk
Sun Jun 14 03:34:55 EDT 2020

The audiobulb set is being rerun this morning - 10.30 a.m.

https://m.facebook.com/HopeWorksSheffield/ <https://m.facebook.com/HopeWorksSheffield/> 

Hope you can join us for the Exhibition #100 audiovisual mix


Hope Works x Mixed in Sheffield : Exhibition #100 Livestream

Audiobulb is proud to be kicking off the proceedings today with Hope Works x Mixed in Sheffield - ALL CREWS Weekender!

TODAY! Sunday 14th June at 10.30 a.m. (UK time)

https://www.facebook.com/events/1645768222242440/ <https://www.facebook.com/events/1645768222242440/> 

Supporting great charities (see below) and local artists and labels:

Audiobulb, Central Processing Unit, Sinai Sound System,  Seaghdha, Off Me Nut Records, Tekkers, Strictly House And Garage, The Wub Club, Apricot Ballroom Soundsystem, La Rumba , Algorave, Esti Eye, James Displace, Rave & Raise, Y-T Records SteelSelektions RiteTrax, KomatiK Audio, Magnetic North, Vitus, Tribal Warehouse, NY Sushi, Porter Brook, Taiko Manilla Co, GRL. FLAW Collective, 7hill, Break - Steel City Breakbeat, CLOUWDS, Danielle Lunar, Steel City Chiptune, Sterlo, Skoped UK, Thompson UK

Livestream Preview of Exhibition #100

In September 2020 our exploratory electronic music label reaches 100 releases. To celebrate we will be releasing one single per day for 36 days. 

To celebrate we have prepared a livestream Audio-Visual mix for Hope Works x Mixed in Sheffield. The 90 minutes audio mix is by label Curator David Newman with Visuals and Video from Kirk Mirk Markarian / http://www.neurononeuro.net/ <http://www.neurononeuro.net/>  

The mix features new music from our latest artists and old friends including works from Disastratos, Ultre, Porya Hatami, Clem Leek, Offthesky and Monty Adkins.

00:00:00 - Umlaut - Audio(bulbs)
00:02:16 - Kein - Reykjavik Dusk
00:03.02 - Justin Varis - L (Flagrantly Furled by He Can Jog) 
00:06:18 - Quiet Noise - Murmations
00:09:43 - Distant Fires Burning - A Festive Bulb Set On Fire Burning At Audio Distance
00:12:16 - Swimming - Expect Resistance
00:14:20 - Nakamura Tomotsuga - #Fluctuations
00:16:08 - NNN - Working In Our Home Office
00:18:06 - Darren McClure - Part Partition
00:20:37 - Monty Adkins - At The Water’s Edge
00:24:00 - Clem Leek - Rain
00:31:17 - Jacek Doroszenko - Antropomorph <> Gudrun
00:35:34 - Autistici - 2 Degrees of Internalisation
00:38:54 - Effacer - My Documents
00:42:06 - Aria - Ice Skating (At the Mall)
00:47:22 - Correspondence - Expanding Cycle Mixture
00:49:32 - Craque - Gone Grounding
00:52:00 - Ultre - Ascend into Nowhere
00:55:26 - Andrew Weathers - Sand Crawl
00:56:48 - Good Weather For An Airstrike - The Sleepover
00:59:27 - Matthias Grubel - Uno
01:02:38 - Disastratos - fondu, (successsfullll music.. vertical and a little distracted)
01:04:31 - Jimmy Behan - Lost light
01:06:21 - Glass Locus - Leaving
01:09:01 - Henry Leo Duclos - Black Rocks
01:10:17 - Melodium - Septentri
01:14:08 - Wil Bolton - Platform
01:15:27 - Build Buildings - Indigo Bunting
01:15:47 - Offthesky - A Fine Day To Float
01:19:36 - Mike Vernusky - Becomes Wing Life
01:21:33 - Porya Hatami - Butterflies
01:26:06 - Tatsuro Kojima - Late Spring

The event gives everyone the chance to support charities doing crucial work in the fields of mental health and the rights of immigrants:

Sheffield Flourish is a mental health charity rooted in Sheffield and owned by the community, supporting our community to share their stories, get involved in activities, and flourish. https://sheffieldflourish.co.uk/ <https://sheffieldflourish.co.uk/> 

These Walls Must Fall is an initiative coordinated by Right to Remain. They are building a network of community campaigns to raise awareness of and challenge the use of immigration detention in the UK. Check out the open letter to the Home Secretary below: https://detention.org.uk/these-walls-must-fall-yorkshire-s…/ <https://detention.org.uk/these-walls-must-fall-yorkshire-s%E2%80%A6/> 

Thank you for your support!

Best wishes

David Newman

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