[microsound-announce] Ophir Ilzetzki in Modulisme

philippe philippe-petit at wanadoo.fr
Fri Dec 13 04:25:16 EST 2019


Today I am happy to share the session from Ophir Ilzetzki who is a classically trained composer of experimental music living in Tel Aviv, Israel. Ilzetzki's music explores various forces through instrumental, electronic, computer, performance, task and conceptual scores, where his works often research the intersection between through-composed and improvised pieces. Ilzetzki’s ongoing compositional goal is to strip forms to their bare essentials whilst still maintaining their identity. In recent years Ilzetzki has been applying games to musical structures, as well as focusing on alternative avenues for scoring music - an activity often leading to the meeting of music with dramaturgy. 

This week Freq magazine is featuring Scanner in our partnership…


And another good news is that on Tuesdays 8 PM L’Eko Des Garrigues Radio, from Montpellier, will be airing our sessions from January on… This week Doug Lynner is being aired, already our 7th session on air on Thursday via JET FM / Nantes ; Friday thru Campus Grenoble and on Saturday Radio Panik in Brussels…


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