[microsound-announce] JTTP 2017 Broadcast | TGI Free Range (30 Mar)

CEC jef chippewa jef at econtact.ca
Thu Mar 29 14:16:12 EDT 2018

Fri. 30 Mar. 2018 @ 18h30
UMFM 101.5 FM (Winnipeg MB)

During the second of three broadcasts out of 
Winnipeg in late spring, Thank God it's Free 
Range! host Michael Elves presents JTTP 2017 1st 
Prize winner Xavier Madore's work Les loges de la 
suite alongside an interview with CEC Admin jef 
chippewa about this annual project supporting the 
work of young and emerging electroacoustic 
composers and sound artists from or living in 

JTTP 2017 is featured in eContact! 20.1 (February 
2018), the CEC's online journal of 
electroacoustic practices. http://econtact.ca/20_1

THANK GOD IT'S FREE RANGE! Start the weekend off 
with a rundown on upcoming shows, interviews with 
local, national and international artists, and 
all sorts of good music. Hosted by Michael Elves, 
Fridays 18:30-20:00 on UMFM 101.5 FM (Winnipeg 

* The last 12 or so shows: 


1. Xavier Madore -- Les loges de la suite (2017 / 11:11)
2. Pierre-Luc Lecours -- Éclats | Blanc (2015 / 10:19)
3. Pierre-Luc Senécal -- Urban Gardens (2017 / 11:25)
4. Samuel Béland -- Naïca (2017 / 7:35), [VIDEOMUSIC]
5. Xavier Ménard -- Fragmentation(s) (2017 / 6:50)

JTTP -- JEU DE TEMPS / TIMES PLAY, coordinated by 
the Canadian Electroacoustic Community since 
2000, is an annual project aimed at promoting and 
celebrating new electroacoustic works by young 
and/or emerging sound artists/composers from (or 
living in) Canada.

Communauté électroacoustique canadienne (CEC) 
Canadian Electroacoustic Community
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