[microsound-announce] JTTP 2017 Broadcast | Acoustic Frontiers (12 Mar)

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Thu Mar 8 16:16:42 EST 2018

Ralph Hopper has always been a staunch supporter 
of all things CEC, and he is one of our most 
dedicated JTTP Partners. Tune into his engaging 
radio show on CKCU out of our nation's capital to 
hear the winning works of the 18th edition of Jeu 
de Temps / Times Play (JTTP).

JTTP 2017 is featured in eContact! 20.1 (February 
2018), the CEC's online journal of 
electroacoustic practices. http://econtact.ca/20_1

ACOUSTIC FRONTIERS. For a very different radio 
experience, tune in and have a listen to 
electroacoustic and computer-based sounds that 
cutting-edge composers have been creating since 
the mid-1900s. Music that varies from easy on the 
ears to difficult and indescribable. Unzip your 

Hosted by Ralph Hopper, Mondays 12:30-14:00 on CKCU 93.1 FM (Ottawa ON).

1. Xavier Madore -- Les loges de la suite (2017 / 11:11)
2. Pierre-Luc Lecours -- Éclats | Blanc (2015 / 10:19)
3. Pierre-Luc Senécal -- Urban Gardens (2017 / 11:25)
4. Samuel Béland -- Naïca (2017 / 7:35), [VIDEOMUSIC]
5. Xavier Ménard - Fragmentation(s) (2017 / 6:50)

JTTP -- JEU DE TEMPS / TIMES PLAY, coordinated by 
the Canadian Electroacoustic Community since 
2000, is an annual project aimed at promoting and 
celebrating new electroacoustic works by young 
and/or emerging sound artists/composers from (or 
living in) Canada. 

[NEW] eContact! 19.3 -- NOTATION for Electroacoustic and Digital Media
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S. Schafer, A. Aska/M. Ritter, B. Gluck/R. Chatham/B. Fennelly/M. Nobre

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Canadian Electroacoustic Community
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