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Antony Milton has been an active and prolific participant in the New
Zealand sound art community since the early1990s. During this time he has
released over 100 albums on various domestic and international labels and
performed regularly throughout New Zealand and the rest of the world. He is
based in Wellington.

A recurring theme throughout Milton’s projects has been a concern with
location and presence. This manifests in his work through an exploration of
the interface between incidental noise (field recordings and/or 'live'
microphones hung outside the locations being performed in) and the physical
response to these sounds via the 'gestural' use of electronic and acoustic
instruments, microphones and voice.

In performance Milton’s music commonly ranges between discreet layered
textured drones, gestural nuanced improvisations, and howling ecstatic
noise. He is also a songwriter and has released several song collections.

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