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Call for works at: https://pueblonuevo.cl/jv-asuar-remix-contest/


(English version by Gerardo Figueroa / A. Albornoz)

The electronic repertoire by Chilean composer and engineer Jose´ Vicente Asuar has become influential for several generations, not only within the realms of electroacoustic music, but also other genres using technology as a means as well, ranging from techno to hip-hop, mostly in Chile. This is clearly observed through a gradual rediscovery of the composer’s endeavors and his definitive positioning in Chilean music scene via scholarly writings and the release of his complete electroacoustic catalog (“Obra Electroacústica“, Pueblo Nuevo 2011), plus the premiere of “Variaciones Espectrales” documentary, directed by Carlos Lértora (Dereojo Comunicaciones, 2013).

Following several tributes organized after Asuar’s passing away in January 2017, we invite the whole community to a new celebration, this time revisiting his pioneering electronic work.

We have decided to join two perspectives, two approaches in conversation: an electroacoustic one, that looks for new pieces create from short sounds or sections drawn from two pieces by Asuar, and another, remix/sample-based one, also drawing from the same material, thus generating new techno, ambient, or hip-hop works or “tracks”. Maybe there are people interested in merging both approaches. There are many possibilities and crossings between them ahead!

We have called this first reconstructive exercise “Divertimento al Amanecer”, as a direct reference to the works selected: “Divertimento” (1967), and “Amanecer” (1977).

Participants are to choose only one of the pieces above as a source for a version, remix, etc. Using materials from both pieces in a single new work is a no-no. All selected material will be included in a compilation organized in 2 sections (side A and side B), according to the piece chosen.

“Divertimento” “is a dynamic, speedy piece, its elaborated articulations setting up a rich musical discourse in both structural and spectro-morphological terms. Due to its fluidity, organicity and lively contrasts, it suggests certain baroque flair. At the same time, rough textures obtained by modulations and high-speed iterations, somehow anticipating the birth of granular synthesis, are truly amazing, and could be related to sections in works by composer Curtis Roads. This work was awarded first prize at the 1970 International Electronic Music Contest in Dartmouth, US” (*).

On the other hand, “Amanecer” is a piece Asuar himself labelled as ‘impressionist’, “in the sense of trying to describe by musical means the sensations or impressions about any natural event by the author. In this case, it is about a kind of sleepy Nature that, little by little, starts to live again, until reaching a final dance, full of life and energy” (**). From a certain point of view, it is a contemplative work, related to ‘ambient’ genre.

We hope you enjoy these pieces, creating something new from them. We expect to unfold a spectrum where creation, quotation, and revisiting come together in homage.

(*) Albornoz, A. (2017) “Asuar: diez obras electroacústicas. Una breve reseña” (Unpublished).

(**) Asuar, J. (1989) “Música Electroacústica, José Vicente Asuar, Compositor Chileno” [Cassette] Santiago de Chile: Santiago Vera Producciones.

Mika Martini aka Frank Benkho
Director Pueblo Nuevo Netlabel

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