[microsound-announce] CALL for proposal

Nathalie Fougeras nathalie.fougeras at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 09:27:19 EDT 2018

CALL Project Room ´Echo Stone´

´Project Room´ is an art - art sound project in progress under 2018 taken
place with the game application ´Echo Stone´or ´e-Stone´ by Nathalie
Fougeras dedicated for screen devices (computer, mobile phones).

You can download the free application and use it for your own. There are
the test application so free of use and can even been mixed with some of
your stuff.

You are welcome to send one of your recording of the ´Echo
Stone´application or a mix of and export a final mp3 file. The mp3 file
will take place in the  ´Project Room´ (online URL link will be communicate
back via email to the players who sent to me their mp3 recording about it
and the play list will be free to listen for all).


In the email with your mp3 attached please write in the subject "CALL
Project room" also in the text of the email give your name, your internet
website and a title of your recording mp3

-->> THE CALL and the applications to work with are located in here

To hear from you!
Kinds regards
Nathalie Fougeras


Nathalies Weblinks:
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/idem/
e-mail: nathalie.fougeras at gmail.com
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