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CD by new music trumpeter Stephen Altoft who presents his second CD playing exclusively 
music in 19 divisions of the octave 

Microtonal Projects is delighted to announce the release of its latest limited edition CD, 
RASP - Stephen Altoft’s second solo CD on which he exclusively plays music written for 
his unique 19-division or 19 note-per-octave trumpet. 

19-division (19-div) refers to 19 nominally equal steps within an octave, a very close 
relation to 1/3rd comma meantone temperament which was discovered in the early 16th 

The CD features new works in a variety of styles, solo or with electronics or malletKat, by 
a broad cross section of international composers written especially for the 19-div trumpet 
between 2012-16, and begins with Altoft’s stunning composition ‘RASP’ which lends the 
CD its title. 

The other composers represented are Eleri Angharad Pound (UK); Todd Harrop (CA); 
Casey Hale (US); Ephraim Wegner (DE); Jim Dalton (US); John Hails (UK); Donald Bousted 
(UK); Dong Zhou (CN); Manfred Stahnke (DE) and Elizabeth Adams (US). 

As with ‘The Yasser Collection’, Altoft’s first CD in 19-div, this second CD is produced by 
Donald Bousted, and Stephen is joined by his long-standing duo partner, Lee Ferguson in 
Bousted’s ‘My Josephine, Your Pretty Scale Trumpet’. 

Stephen Altoft is an internationally known new music trumpeter who has commissioned 
many pieces, microtonal and otherwise. He plays with duo Contour, Ensemble Linea 
(Strasbourg), Harald Kimmig’s 'Human Factory Band' and pianist, Elmar Schrammel. He 
has toured in many countries and gives illustrated lectures with Donald Bousted on ‘The 
Microtonal Trumpet’: their free, pdf book 'The Microtonal Trumpet' is available through the 
Microtonal Projects website. 

Contact: microtonalprojects at gmail.com 

Available from tutti.co.uk price £12 


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