[microsound-announce] New release on Grain of Sound: 3 Sine Sweeps EP by Shinjiro Yamaguchi with Biki

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Wed Oct 18 07:47:39 EDT 2017

	Out Now: 3 Sine Sweeps EP 

	by Shinjiro Yamaguchi with Biki 



	3 sine sweeps 440Hz-880Hz 

	3 cassette tapes 

	3 cassette players 

	performed by Shinjiro Yamaguchi and Biki 


	Recorded at Sakuradai Pool on April 2017 

	Composed by Shinjiro Yamaguchi 

	Artwork: Shinjiro Yamaguchi 


	gos34 2017 



	Born in Saitama in 1983, Shinjiro Yamaguchi lives and works in Tokyo
and this is his return to Grain of Sound, following the reissue of
Niju, last March, the album he recorded as Asamo. 

	This time Yamaguchi comes along with Biki, a sound artist who also
lives in Tokyo. Born in Shizuoka in 1981, Biki usually plays
“handmade gates and devices” made by himself. 


	+ info about Shinjiro Yamaguchi: 



	+ info about Biki: 




	3 Sine Sweeps is now available worldwide on all major digital

	iTunes, Amazon, Google Play… 

	Streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and Deezer. 


	+ info: www.grainofsound.org 

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