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Dear all, 

Resterecords is proud to present a new album by Luca Nasciuti

LUCA NASCIUTI - KISHAR  24th April on Cassette + Digital DL

https://resterecords.bandcamp.com/album/rr014-kishar <https://resterecords.bandcamp.com/album/rr014-kishar>

Kishar is a journey through the noise of nature. The rural areas recorded across Scotland and Iceland have been processed and manipulated to reflect on the relationship between the land and human history in light of the current environmental and political debate. The instability and ever changing states of the environment have been placed in the context of enduring noise. Disruption, eruption, energy and resistance are the driving forces that shape the album as a search for balance between opposites poles.

Luca Nasciuti is an artist and composer based in London. He uses field recordings to build complex soundscapes. His sound is urgent and physical, rooted in the natural and man-made sources he employs. He performs his music internationally and he has worked extensively with theatre, dance, and film. His latest installation ‘Domestic Green’ was developed in residency with RSPB Scotland and presented at Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow in September 2016, and his most recent collaboration with Italian choreographer Daniele Albanese premiered in February 2017 at the Festival Les Hivernales in Avignon. He is now developing a new body of work on the ‘edge of Europe’ and completing a PhD in musical composition at the University of Aberdeen. 


Luca Nasciuti is next playing at Cafe OTO 14th May 2017

LINKS www.lucanasciuti.com

RESTERECORDS resterecords.bandcamp.com resterecords at gmail.com / twitter: @resterecords 
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