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Greetings , new album is out :

Gintas K - „U <https://cronica.bandcamp.com/album/under-my-skin>nder my skin
<https://cronica.bandcamp.com/album/under-my-skin>“ DL, cassette  released
by Crónica <http://www.cronicaelectronica.org/?p=040> 124  2017-02-07

Crónica *124~2017*, Tape, edition of 100

Release date: 7 February 2017

Gintas K <http://gintask.puslapiai.lt/> has been active as a composer,
performer and interdisciplinary artist since the 1990s, focusing on
experimental digital music aesthetics — overloaded massive structures,
static and physically overwhelming frequencies, melodic ambiences, voice
and field recordings. Gintas K has released several albums, four of which
in Crónica: *Lengvai / 60 x one minute audio colours of 2kHz sound*
<http://www.cronicaelectronica.org/releases/024> (2006), *Lovely Banalities*
<http://www.cronicaelectronica.org/releases/040> (2009), *So On*
<http://www.cronicaelectronica.org/releases/054> (2010), and now *Under My

*Under My Skin* makes no use of field recordings, and was composed
exclusively through digital synthesis. This album is available as a
limited-release tape and as a digital download.

regards ,
gintas k

at the Forum Ircam Workshop 2017 held in Paris between March 15 and March
17, 2017 Centre Pompidou
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