[microsound-announce] Out now: "Latitudes - September" 2016 by Stijn Demeulenaere - released by Silken Tofu

Stijn Demeulenaere zztijn at gmail.com
Tue Dec 12 14:59:35 EST 2017

Stijn Demeulenaere is a sound artist and field recordist from Belgium. 
‘Latitudes - September 2016’ is the recording of a live set played in his Latitudes series at Q-O2 in Brussels.

Latitudes is a project where he brings sounds from North and South together. On the album, the bulk of the sounds come from South-Africa and Iceland. Further recordings were made in Ostend, De Biesbosch, Amsterdam and ‘t Kuipke (Ghent). The album combines a mixture of natural sound recordings and heavily processed sounds.

The album is released on the Belgian label Silken Tofu  (stx.63 ). Limited edition of 149 copies in a custom A5 sleeve on heavy paper. 


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