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Mon May 2 05:32:13 EDT 2016

Good morning,

*Hope that you are well, here's a new song I made using voices, piano, 
cymbalom, kazzoophone, bass clarinet and theremin which will become a 
FLEXI Disc on the great Aagoo Records in a few months...**Manon Gary did 
a beautiful video to accompany thus I hope that you may enjoy...*


*Other than that I feel proud to release my new album on Glacial 
Movements* which in a few years has established a very strong reputation 
as a leading home for contemplative/Post-Ambient soundscapes offering 
albums by the likes of Justin K. Broadrick/Final, Scanner, Eraldo 
Bernocchi, Rapoon/Zoviet France, BV Dub, Losciil, Aidan Baker, 
Netherworld, etc...

*Philippe Petit: you only live ice (Glacial Movements/Digipack CD)*****
*A moody, detailed and wide-ranging work, in which atmosphere and 
dramaturgy lead the ear into a suspended world, like being entrapped 
within an Arctic ice shelf...


*AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST videast/filmmaker extraordinaire Manon Gary and 
I are proud to offer a new Post classical vs. Ars Electronica live 
show.* Premiered in Malta, at Spring Festival, last week so here's a 
teaser to give an idea of how it looks/sound:


Philippe Petit - Turntables/Electronics
Manon Gary - Video/VJing

"Post-Classical" soundtrack FOR FANS OF Gustav Mahler – Philip Jeck – Bernhard Herrmann - Luis & Bebe Barron's "Forbidden Planet"...

A few years ago Philippe Petit worked on a recording of the first symphony by Gustav Mahler - re-editing, time-stretching, distorting, filtering and layering new material into the piece, mindful of the collage aesthetic in the original work.
Live he is processing that recontextualisation of the symphony while assaulting turntables to take advantage of the vinyl material to fondle released sounds, raking the needle across the record's grooves, rubbing their stylus on paper, cardboard, metal to process unusual noises and textures…
Accompanied by truly evocative images and VJing from Manon Gary which set the orchestra and our audience in a new space...
May the stars be with you...


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