[microsound-announce] Sound art festival in Udine

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Sun Jun 5 19:52:32 EDT 2016

Dear microsounders,

just want to spread the news about this sound art festival happening in Udine, Italy.

Thank you for your interest and sorry for x-posting on soundasart (maybe unify this two lists?)



sound art exhibition

June 3 - 12th 2016 in Udine, Italy

Scanner (UK)
Jana Winderen (NO)
Alessandro Fogar (IT)
Hanna Preuss (SI)
Ivo Vicic (HR)
Michele Spanghero (IT)
Sebastien Roux (FR)
Paulo Raposo (PT)
Michael J. Schumacher (US)
Kraig Grady (US/AU)
Della Marina e Zucchi (IT)
...and more

Please see the complete programme at: www.ilsuonoinmostra.it <http://www.ilsuonoinmostra.it/>
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