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#578: 2016.12.11
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this seasonal edition of framework:afield has been produced in berlin by 
architect, writer, and sound artist d.l. lutz. his notes:

Earscape „Sacral“
"Here we are, two weeks before Christmas. And this is why we will go to 
church and hear some „holy noise“, as R. Murray Schafer calls it. 
Churches are ritual spaces, and rituals always have an acoustical 
aspect. Maybe acoustics even dominate every ritual. Churches and organs 
are definitely built to impress acoustically. Michal Jacaszek from 
Poland, being fascinated by this aural atmosphere, has made field 
recordings inside the main churches of Gdansk and reworked them to 
compositions. I mixed these great sounds with my own field recordings 
from churches and bells in Germany, with music form Arvo Pärt, Arve 
Henriksen and others, and with excursions onto church towers and into 
religious realms further east. This earscape is quite musical and meant 
to be a soulful companion to the advent season. It is ended by a country 
gospel intonating „fill me with life anew“ for the beginning of a new 
year. So relax, light a candle and enjoy some holy noise!"

again, we are always looking for new material, whether raw field 
recordings, field recording based composition, or introduction 
submissions. we are also now accepting proposals for full editions of 
our guest curated framework:afield series. send proposals or material, 
released or not, on any format, to the address at the bottom of this 
mail. if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch!


Sound Sources:
- Michal Jacaszek: Pentral (III, VI, V, IX, IV, II, X); from: Pentral, 
Gustaff Records GRAM0902, Poland 2009
- Craig Vear: Katabatic Wind; from: Antarctica, Grünrekorder Records 
GrDl 089, Germany 2011
- Arve Henriksen: Recording Angel; from: Cartography, ECM Records 2086, 
Germany 2008
- reinsamba: Cathedral Guided Tour (Cologne); file from 2006, downloaded 
from freesound.org (CCL)
- Arvo Pärt: Wir saßen an den Wassern zu Babel und weinten / Arbos; 
from: Arbos, ECM New Series 1325, Germany 1987
- Arvo Pärt: Annum per Annum; from: Trivium, ECM New Series 1431, 
Germany 1992
- D. L. Lutz: Quedlinburger Dom II, St Nikolai Stralsund I, St. Marien 
Stralsund II-VII; self-published
- Paul Schütze: Sites Of Rapture On The Lungs Of God; from: New Maps Of 
Hell II, Big Cat Records ABB105CD, UK 1996
- Paul Schütze: A Night Dissolved In The Lakes Of Heaven; from: Abysmal 
Evenings, Virgin Records 8421752, UK 1996
- Inchadney: Swifts; file from 2010, downloaded from freesound.org (CCL)
- Biosphere: Sphere Of No Form; from: Substrata, Touch Records TO:50, UK 
- Tacita Dean: Aden, Yemen 4 A.M.; from: Haunted Weather. Music, Silence 
And Memory (compiled by D. Toop), Staubgold Records staubgold52, Germany 
- Evelyn Glennie & Michael Brauer: Icefall; from: Shadow Behind The Iron 
Sun, BMG Classics 82876642822, UK 1999
- felixblume: Some People Praying Into The Abbaye De La Cambre in 
Brussels; file from 2008, downloaded from soundcloud.com (CCL)
- Boxharp: Cinema Gong; from: The Tailored Soldier, Glitterhouse Records 
GRCD 521, Germany


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framework intro submissions:

    1)    take yourself and an audio recorder to a location of your choice
    2)    record for AT LEAST 1 minute before you -
    3)    read aloud the following text (in english or translated):

welcome to framework. framework is a show consecrated to 
field-recording, and its use in composition.  field-recording, 
phonography, the art of sound hunting; open your ears and listen!

    4)    continue recording for AT LEAST 2 minutes after the text
    5)    post the recording to us on any format, or send us an 

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