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Communauté électroacoustique canadienne
(CEC) Canadian Electroacoustic Community

eContact! 17.3 -- TIES 2014
8th Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium /
8e Symposium électroacoustique international de Toronto

[E] The eighth edition of the Toronto 
International Electroacoustic Symposium welcomed 
Pauline Oliveros as Keynote Speaker. Two dozen 
composers, performers, researchers and 
institutions presented recent work and 
reflections on instrument and technology 
development, technologies and accessibility, 
notation, compositional praxis, sound art and 

[F] La huitième édition du Toronto International 
Electroacoustic Symposium accueillait Pauline 
Oliveros à titre de conférencière. Plus d'une 
vingtaine de compositeurs, interprètes, 
chercheurs et représentants d'institutions ont 
présenté leurs réflexions et travaux récents sur 
divers sujets : instruments et développement 
technologique, technologie et accessibilité, 
notation, pratique compositionnelle, art sonore, 
et bien plus encore.


[KEYNOTE] What Matters? Make the Music!
by Pauline Oliveros

Frank Morse Robb's Wave Organ: The world's first electronic organ
by Michael Murphy and Max Cotter

Resounding but Not Sounding: Diffusing into interior spaces of instruments
by James O'Callaghan

Studies in Sound and Vibration: VibraFusionLab, 
An innovative centre for arts-based vibrotactile 
research and creative practice
by David Bobier

"In Flight" and Audio Spray Gun: Generative composition of large sound-groups
by Richard Garrett

Implications of Electroacoustic Composition in an 
Intercultural Context: Negotiating cultural 
meanings and uses of timbre
by Jeff Roberts

Spectralism and Microsound
by David Litke

Sonification as Semblance: A phenomenological 
investigation into music composition
by Joshua Horsley

When Worlds Collide: Tackling graphic notation in live electronic music
by Christian Fischer

Twiddling and Twerking: Thoughts on electroacoustic music performance
by Steven Naylor

Hive: An audio programming language informed by 
the theory of cognitive dimensions
by Tanya Goncalves

Three Electroacoustic Artworks Exposing Digital Networks
by Aaron Hutchinson

Sound Never Ages: Archaeoacoustic memory
by Don Hill

Una Casa de Sonidos: Sonic storytelling with Central American refugee minors
by Blake McConnell


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