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Poster for Dziga Vertov (Дзига Вертов): Man With A Movie Camera (Человек с киноаппаратом)
Dear µsounders - 

This is to let you know about a new electro-acoustic film + music ensemble I've launched, and to invite you to a special show if you're in the San Francisco Bay Area on 22 Sep.
Electric Shadow Theater: Film Truth + Surreal Sound by Fushigi Kenkyūkai (不思議研究会) @ PianoFight, "SF's Next Landmark Entertainment Venue", Tue 22 Sep.
This new music and theater venue, in the heart of SF's Central Market Arts District, takes forward the "Tenderloin off-off Broadway" and the development of a music axis on Taylor Street, stretching from the Luggage Store, the Warfield, and Center For New Music, to this northernmost 3-stage performing arts complex.
Since the founding of Clubfoot Orchestra in 1983, San Francisco has been a leader in pairing film classics with composed or improvised scores. Not only is Clubfoot Orchestra still scaling new heights, but a rich new crop of ensembles for film + sound have created a second wave of Bay Area shadow play for the 21st century.

Fushigi Kenkyūkai are a new collective of film and sound artists mixing veterans of Bay Area "wayang sinema" ensembles like Clubfoot Orchestra & Reel Change with pioneers of electronic, computer-based, and invented instruments.

The name Fushigi Kenkyūkai (不思議研究会) means "Paranormal Research Society". The truth is out there.

The program uses a classic from the "Film Truth" (Кино-Правда) movement of early 20th century Russia and two surrealist shorts to find it.

— Jorge Bachmann (electronics)
— Beth Custer (bass & other clarinets, vocals)
— Tom Djll (surrealist prepared trumpet)
— Joe Lasqo (keyboards | laptop / MSP | objects)— D. Skatchit, aka David Michalak (skatchbox | lap steel guitar | film curator)
— Tom Nunn (invented instruments)

Part 1: Shorts (20 min)
            Man Ray: Return to Reason (Le retour à la raison)
            Maya Deren: At Land

Part 2: Main Feature (68 min)
            Dziga Vertov (Дзига Вертов): Man With A Movie Camera (Человек с киноаппаратом)
Voted into the “Top 10 Movies Ever” in the 2012 Sight And Sound critics’ poll, the astonishing Man With A Movie Camera (Человек с киноаппаратом), a tour de force of 1,775 jump-cuts, pioneered by Dziga Vertov (Дзига Вертов) a full generation before Godard's, establishes throbbing visual polyrhythms. Coming at the end of a decade that saw the publication of James Joyce’s Ulysses, Vertov’s film represents a stunning application of stream of consciousness techniques to cinema, as he explores the consciousness of a city in a film — as he puts it in the opening titles — “without words, without script, without actors, without sets”.
Maya Deren’s At Land is a drift-glass of images revolving around the land, sea and sky, a dinner party at which she is invisible, and a sensuous outdoor game of chess at which she interrupts two alter-egos.
Man Ray’s Return To Reason (Le retour à la raison) is a bopping Dada romp where objects of everyday life transmogrify into dancing rayograms, words seen through cigarette smoke, and shadows on flesh.
All sonified by a virtuoso ensemble of electro-acoustic pioneers...

For $10 off door price, use discount code SF5 when making advance online ticket purchase.

☞ Write-up, showtime details, venue map, ticket purchase, and images: here  ☜
☞ Direct to ticket purchase: here. 
☞ Examiner.com write-up: here
Experience 1,775 visual pulses course through your body as your consciousness streams to surrealist music — come flicker with us at PianoFight !
Joe Lasqo
joe at joelasqo.com
http://www.joelasqo.com/Show calendar & news: http://www.joelasqo.com/blog/
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