[microsound-announce] London Subterraneous: An immersive audio installation by Call & Response and Jacob Kirkegaard

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London Subterraneous

An immersive audio installation by Call & Response and Jacob Kirkegaard

Sound artist Jacob Kirkegaard and the UK’s only independent sound art space Call
& Response have collaborated to create a sound installation that invites the
audience to experience the hidden underworld of London’s water system.

The project takes the work of seventeenth century alchemist and scientist
Athanasius Kircher as inspiration. Kircher was a polymath and inventor, who
researched fields as diverse as medicine and Egyptology, and designed and
constructed wondrous sound and vision automatons. These included a collection of
so called speaking statues whose spiral mouths would lead out into the streets
of Rome like giant trumpets. In this way the speaking trumpets or ‘hearing lens’
would reveal the cacophony of Rome to the listener. London Subterraneous aims to
link Kircher’s ‘speaking trumpets’ with his fascination of geology and
underground reverberations and find a way to explore London’s mundus

For this project, special microphones have been used to access sounds from a
series of “stink pipes” that connect the city’s familiar terrestrial environment
to a lesser-known complex network of sewers and rivers below. These pipes,
remnants of Victorian London, allow us to connect through our past and eavesdrop
on the capital’s underground world. The resultant exhibition is a portrait of
some of the sounds created below ground and through the pipes themselves.

Exhibition information:

C&R Space           
Enclave, 50 Resolution Way
London SE8 4NT



Launch night: Friday 25th September 6pm—9pm as part of Last Fridays.
Opening hours: Saturdays, 26th September- 31st October 12pm-6pm or by
Special Event: Friday 30th October


Call & Response is an independent sonic arts organisation, serving as a focus
for sound arts practice in London. Our aim is to provide an artist run space for
the exhibition and performance of sonic artworks, reflecting the emerging
interest in the use of the auditory in contemporary art.



Jacob Kirkegaard is a Danish artist focusing on scientific & aesthetic aspects
of resonance, time, sound & hearing. His installations, compositions &
performances deal with acoustic spaces or phenomena that usually remain
imperceptible. Using unorthodox methods for recording, Kirkegaard captures and
contextualizes hitherto unheard sounds from within a variety of environments: a
geyser, a sand dune, a nuclear power plant, an empty room, and even sounds from
the human inner ear itself. 
 Since 1995, Kirkegaard has presented his works at
exhibitions and at festivals and conferences throughout the world. He has
released five albums (mostly on the British label Touch) and is a member of the
sound art collective freq_out.

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