[microsound-announce] ROEMER XVIII // Tag(e) der offenen Tuer(en) in geschlossener Gesellschaft

Ephraim Wegner EphraimWegner at gmx.de
Wed Nov 4 08:33:10 EST 2015

Projektraum Stuttgart
Roemerstraße 2A
20.00 pm, Free Entrance 
Ephraim Wegner
Wegners sound installation deals with the contradiction between ideals of enlightenment and humanism on the one hand, and the financial market, profit, competition and human nature on the other.
Tag(e) der offenen Tuer(en) in geschlossener Gesellschaft is based on a mathematically defined area of loudspeakers and the use of additive synthesis. Sine waves exponentiate and erase themselves, creating an audible field, which is shaped by the listener’s orientation and movement within the speaker field. It is a public sound space, in which the listening experience is unique; determined by one’s own behaviour, as well as the circumstances of the installation.

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