[microsound-announce] ToBe Continued 2015 24hours live streaming

Antonio Della Marina antonio.dellamarina at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 11:59:24 EDT 2015

Tonight starting at midnight: ToBe Continued 2015 - 48 sound artists from 42 countries for 24 hours.  Un-interrupted marathon raising awareness on the fight against Tuberculosis. 

March 24th h 00 - 24 UTC+1 - live streaming on www.stazioneditopolo.it

Tim Hodgkinson, Robert Rich, Thomas Lehn, Stephen Adams, Masashi Isai, Gerald Fiebig and many many others. Detailed programme online.

The whole initiative is under the patronage of the World Health Organization and of the Global Health Incubator, the 'laboratory' established in July 2009 in Topolo' by Mario Raviglione (WHO director of Global TB Programme) to create links between the world of creativity and that of science.

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