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Thu Dec 10 10:59:06 EST 2015

Dear all,

Spazioersetti is pleased to announce a new sound exhibition opening tomorrow:

SONAMBIENT by Harry Bertoia 

Sound exhibition with an introduction by Francesco Costa

December 11th - 16th 2015 
at Spazioersetti
V.le Volontari della Libertà 43, 33100 Udine, Italy
Open every day 6.30 - 9.30pm or upon booking
curated by Continuo associazione culturale

The sound sculptures of furniture designer Harry Bertoia (of the Diamond chair fame) have little to do with the conventional grammar of music, either. The idea for Bertoia’s “tonals”, as he called them, began when he heard two metal rods clank together during the making of a chair: the possibilities of making music out of the same preoccupations of space and proportion became clear. Bertoia nudged the long metal pipes together to create a cicada maze of harmonic clusters and isolated tones and nearing the end of his life (he died in 1978), he released Sonambient, a series of albums of himself playing. They are now reissued for the first time as a complete set this year by Important Records. - [The Guardian]

We thank the Harry Bertoia Foundation, Celia Bertoia, Elena Bertoia, Associazione amici di Harry Bertoia and John Brien at Important Records for their support.

Further informations: http://www.spazioersetti.it/event/sonambient-di-harry-bertoia/

If you have the chance come visit us 
Apologies for x-postings.

All the best to you all


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Spazioersetti is a privately funded exhibition venue based in Udine, north-east of Italy.
It is entirely dedicated to sound and space and it is conceived to offer a concentrated listening experience in a total environment.
Spazioersetti is also a workroom for research and training in the field of just intonation.
w: www.spazioersetti.it <http://www.spazioersetti.it/>
e: galleriaATspazioersetti.it <http://spazioersetti.it/>

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