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Do It Anyway 2015 is Access Space's first European digital arts festival,
and the first Pixelache Network manifestation in the UK. 15/16/17 May 2015.

Free performances and workshops from 19.00 on Friday 15 May by digital
artists from Finland, Norway, Iceland, France and the UK.

The final event will be an Algorave (just £5 entry) on Sunday 17th, 8pm-1.am

Festival programme is below. More detailed info is at www.access-space.org

Workshop places will be limited so you will need to reserve your place.
Booking info will be available shortly. Ticket info for the Algorave coming
soon (you can also pay on the door). No need to book for the other
performances and presentations.

Venues - please note that Refab Space is accessed via Access Space. The
Rutland Arms is just across the road. Google map http://tinyurl.com/kg3oyex

@doitanyway2015 #doitanyway2015

Facebook event http://tinyurl.com/ndk7exy

Pixel Network partners:

Pixelache, Helsinki http://www.pixelache.ac/

LornaLab, Iceland http://lornalab.is/

Piksel, Norway http://piksel.no/

Mal au Pixel, Paris http://rybn.dyndns.org/malaupixel/2014/

Pixel Network http://network.pixelache.ac/


Do It Anyway 2015 programme of events


Friday 15/5/15

19.00-19.15 Opening event - Welcome to the Festival! (Main Space)

19.15- 20.15 Performance - Hloover Sigurosson - Livecoding improv using
Overtone (Is) (Main Space)

20.15-21.15 Performance - Rikhar H.Frioiksson - sonic performance - Líðan
II (Is) (Main Space) https://soundcloud.com/rikhardur

21.15 Social in the Rutland Arms

Richard Bolam's Casualty 14-18 installation is in the Foyer throughout the
weekend http://casualty1418.net/

Saturday 16/5/15

10.30-15.00 Workshop - Introducing ShrimpCraft! Tools for the water curious
- Amanda Steggell (No), Ross Dalziel + Adrian McEwen (GB) (Main Space)
http://www.testingtesting.org/, http://cheapjackprojects.tumblr.com/

10.30-15.00 Workshop - Scavenged soundings: music, sound and technology -
John Fail (Fi), Fiona Kennedy (GB) + David Birchall (GB) (Refab Space)

10/30-13.00 Workshop - Shop Gifting - Activism in the city with re-purposed
Barbie dolls -Monika Dutta (GB) http://foggedfilm.org/

15.15-16.00 Presentation - Mari Keski-Korsu (Fi) artist talk (Main Space)

16.00-16.30 Presentation - Richard Bolam (GB) - Casualty 14-18 installation
- artist talk (Main Space) http://casualty1418.net/

16.30-17.30 The day's workshop performances (Main Space)

17.30-18.30 Performance - Logfordata - Jean-François Blanquet (Fr) (Main
Space) http://cromix.free.fr/

19.30-21.15 Performance- Open_Platform_ 6 curated by Susanne Palzer(De/GB)
- 5 performances (Foyer) http://arandomprocessexperiment.blogspot.co.uk/

21.15 Social in the Rutland Arms

Sunday 17/5/15

10.30-15.00 Workshop - Logfordata - Jean-François Blanquet (Fr) (Refab
Space) http://cromix.free.fr/

10.30-15.00 Workshop- Sonification & the Physical - Jon Nordby (No) (Main

13.00-16.00 Workshop Open Sourcing Festivals - facilitated by Nathalie
Aubret (Fi) (upstairs Rutland Arms)

15.00-18.00 Workshop - Solar kinetic sculptures - Egil Paulsen (No) (Refab

20.00-01.00 Closing event - Algorave curated by Alex McLean (GB), visuals
by Antonio Roberts (GB) - 5 performances (Main Space) http://yaxu.org/,


Do It Anyway 2015 has been developed as part of a larger EU Grundtvig
supported project called Open Sourcing Festivals, co-produced by five
experimental art, design and technology organizations from the Pixelache
Network and focused on open source culture. Open Sourcing Festivals is a
mobile circuit of workshops and seminars organized across Europe during
2013-2015 by Piksel (NO), Pikslaverk (IS), Mal au Pixel (FR) and Pixelache
(FI). In the process the partners have been gradually working towards
'open-sourcing the knowledge embodied in their respective workshops and
festival production, in order to share it with a broader range of users. A
database of resources and documentation is under construction and
accessible at http://opensourcingfestivals.eu

In partnership with Pixelache Network. http://network.pixelache.ac/

With the support of the Grundtvig Foundation for Life Long Learning.


Access Space, Unit 1, AVEC Bldg, 3-7 Sidney Street, Sheffield, S1 4RG, UK

+44 (0)114249 5522



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