[microsound-announce] New releases from Bernhard Living week ending: 25.10.2014

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New releases from Bernhard Living week ending: 25.10.2014

[Composition 00060]
[Composition 00060 is in two parts, with one sixteen-bar sound in each section that alternates with sixteen bars of silence. These sonic elements are both low in volume and frequency, and with minimal variation. The low frequency  soundwaves make their presence felt by effecting objects within the immediate listening environment. Physical space alternating with the spaces of the imagination. Things exist. There is also the non-existence of things.]

[Composition 00061]
[Composition 00061 is in fifteen parts is nearly six and a half hours in duration. The sonic content consists of low-frequency broken sounds and distorted resonances. There is a base element that continually repeats throughout the whole of the composition, and this alternates  with overlapping sounds and silences. The lower frequency sounds suggest a feeling of  distance and and remoteness, not only of space, but also of time. Even though this is a large-scale project, it would not be considered as a ‘magnum opus’. Such a concept is meaningless in the context of such a prolific number of compositions that share equal status has components of a larger whole and productive output. The extreme duration and the continuous repetition of the composition’s sonic elements would make this composition beyond the reach of most listeners.]

[Composition 00062]
[Composition 00062 is in two parts with a base element that repeats for the two sections of the composition. The main sonic element consists of a rhythmic beat-pulse that has been created by the use of delay. This is minimalist techno at its most severe, with the repeating pattern alternating with an equal amount of silence. Within the context of this composition, the contrast between sound and silence is suggestive of the contrast between movement and non-movement, creating an extreme brevity of expression. In part two, the main sound is joined by a mutated version of itself, a distorted echo of its previous existence.]

[Composition 00063]
[Composition 00063 is in twenty parts and is eight and a half hours in duration. With such an extreme time length, the composition becomes part of the architectural fabric in which it is experienced and auditioned. The concept of ‘compositional architectonics’ is relevant in this context. The sonic elements of the project are based a samples of metallic objects transformed by granular synthesis. The composition was inspired by the title of a Kazimir Malevich painting, Combined Suprematist Composition (Sensation of Metallic Sound - Dynamic) (Pale - Metallic Colouring).]

[Composition 00064]
[Composition 00064 is two parts, and though they use the same/similar material, they are in extreme contrast to each other. In part one, the 128-bar sonic element alternates with 128 bars of silence, leaving large gaps in the overall texture of the music. In part two, the composition becomes more dense in consistency, with the main element both repeating and overlapping with itself, but each repetition is a semitone higher. Even though the sounds  increase in pitch, there is no suggestion of climax or harmonic resolve, the movement of the composition is suggestive of a movement toward infinity.]

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