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incite at gmx.de incite at gmx.de
Wed Oct 22 06:54:23 EDT 2014

We are happy to announce that - after climbing the steep learning curve - our new website on our new domain seems to work well:
incite.hamburg <http://www.incite.hamburg/>

Also we are excited to have our new release drop on Hands just yesterday: "light spin" - CD, twelve tracks and a 15 pages booklet!
http://handsproductions.com/Mailorder.asp?A_index=47 <http://handsproductions.com/Mailorder.asp?A_index=47>
(Tracks can be listened to on our website)

Best wishes
Kera + André
audio-visual electronics
danceable futuristic bass-noise
semi-narrative grayscale visuals
criss-crossing art and club worlds 
incite.hamburg <http://www.incite.hamburg/>
vimeo.com/incitefm <https://vimeo.com/incitefm>
soundcloud.com/incitefm <https://soundcloud.com/incitefm>
facebook.com/incite.audiovisua <https://www.facebook.com/incite.audiovisual>l
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