[microsound-announce] New releases from Bernhard Living week ending: 19.10.2014

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Mon Oct 20 15:59:43 EDT 2014

New releases from Bernhard Living week ending: 19.10.2014

[Composition 00058]
[Composition 00058 is in two parts, and is a development of the ideas explored in the earlier Composition 00057. This newer composition is based on a computerised female voice saying ‘Ich bin eine Maschine’. Part one is an ‘instrumental’ and features dub-step-like kick-drum and bass sounds. Included in the mix of sonic elements is a severe-sounding 192-bar drone, which adds to the menacing sci-fi quality to the composition.  These sounds continue in part two, where they accompany the voice.]

[Composition 00059]
[Composition 00059 is in three parts and was produced using granular synthesis. There is a base element that repeats for all three parts, and this consists of a low frequency pulsating drone with attending glitch-like clicks. The composition slowly builds section by section to suggest an architectural structure, but it is one that is nebulous and with minimal substance.]

[Bernhard Living]

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