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" SQWWO is a string quartet lasting 24 hours and playing in my living room; with all the windows wide open. 

Recorded between December 2013 and July 2014, the piece has 72 parts, each of which lasts 20 minutes. Together the 72 parts complete one full 24 hour cycle: the work starts and ends at 9:00 am, where it then - eventually - might start all over again: it is, as a matter of fact, a seamless 24 hour loop and interweaves the quietly rolling waves of violin sounds (always different, but in a way also always the same) with the waves of traffic that - between two sets of traffic lights - are rolling up and down the road running along my house; always different, and always the same. 

Moreover and importantly, the character and intensity of the waves of traffic evolve along with the passing of a 24 hour day, with the seasons and the changes in the weather. 

It is thus that besides being a sonic picture of the street outside my windows, SQWWO, literally and essentially, is about - and is - the passing of time. As the entanglement of random walks that layer two «form-ally» near to identical soundscapes (the city traffic sound scape and the violins) the work, without any apparent dramatic development, of an extreme long duration and cycling back upon itself, is a virtually everlasting *now*, the eternal present, which is our future's past.

The full 24 hours of recording are available as a high quality digital download at Bandcamp, where you also may stream the full set of recordings. [ The playback of the parts is intended to be gapless, however, which is not possible when streaming at Bandcamp. Gapless playback can only be achieved by downloading the parts and playing them back in a single playlist in, e.g., iTunes. ] 

Acquirers of the full digital version of SQWWO will automatically receive any updates of parts that - in the near future - may appear. "

More info, text and pictures in the latest SoundBlog post.


Harold Schellinx
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