[microsound-announce] ► This Mon, 01 Dec ◄ MSP/Synth: w Aaron Bennett’s Electro-Magnetic Trans-Personal Orchestra ✹ plus Lewis Jordan Trio & Heikki Koskinen Quartet, @ Makeout Room, SF

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Sat Nov 29 18:27:53 EST 2014

(L → R) Lewis Jordan, Heikki Koskinen, and Aaron Bennett's Electro-Magnetic Trans-Personal Orchestrawill perform at the Makeout Room in San Francisco on 01 Dec 2014Dear µsounders -  

This is to let you know about a unique electroacoustic show this Mon. 
Heikki Koskinen, Karl Evangelista, and myself will add various flavors of analog and digital windowpane to our brilliant acoustic colleagues' voices in 3 sets that will span modern jazz and beyond.
If you will be in the San Francisco Bay Area, you may find it interesting…
MSP/Synth: w Aaron Bennett’s Electro-Magnetic Trans-Personal Orchestra, + Lewis Jordan Trio & Heikki Koskinen Quartet, @ Makeout Room, SF: this Mon, 01 Dec
◉ Aaron Bennett's Electro-Magnetic Trans-Personal Orchestra (Set 3)
Meet the composer… Aaron Bennnett!
Aaron Bennett's E.M.T.P.O. ensemble use the electro-magnetic field of their collective mind, tuned and amplified by means of unique "breathing chart" compositions in a special graphic notation which Aaron has designed for large improvising ensembles to focus and unleash aural energies. The resulting sound is like nothing else and has amazed audiences in a string of orgone-accelerating Bay Area performances over the last two years.
Line-up: Aaron Bennett: sax, leader & compositions — Bishu Chatterjee (বিশু চ্যাটার্জি): bass — Kristina Dutton: violin — Karl Evangelista: guitar/electronics — Jeff Hobbs: violin — Darren Johnston: trumpet — Joe Lasqo: MSP/laptop & synthesizer
◉ Lewis Jordan Trio (Set 1)
Cooly hot modern chamber jazz...
Line-up: Lewis Jordan: saxes & poetry — Karl Evangelista: guitar/electronics — Nava Dunkelman: percussion allsorts
◉ Heikki Koskinen Quartet (Set 2)
Finno-Ugric psychedelic jazz….
Line-up: Heikki Koskinen: Morrison Digital Trumpet, recorders, piano — Adam Lowdermilk: bass — Timothy Orr: drums — Rent Romus: saxes & flutes

☞  Write-up, show time/place details, venue map, and images: here  ☜
☞  Steve Smoliar's preview at Examiner.com: here  ☜
Hope to see you at this great show!
And… THANK YOU to all the great audience members who came out from all corners of the universe for our Sun Ra Friendly Galaxies extravaganza at Center for New Music on 12 Nov — as can be seen below, a great time was had by all.

UBU RA BIG BAND perform at the Sun Ra Friendly Galaxies event, Center for New Music, SF, 12 Nov 2014...…maybe a wee bit more Dionysian than Apollonian.(photo: Jan C. Michaels)
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