[microsound-announce] ► Tomorrow, Sun 09 Nov | 12 Nov ◄ MSP/Piano: w Custer & Dimuzio ✹ UBU RA BIG BAND @ CNM's Sun Ra Friendly Galaxies event ✹ plus Noertker's Moxie, Reconnaissance Fly, and Electropoetic Coffee (SF shows)

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Sat Nov 8 22:59:46 EST 2014

Beth Custer • Joe Lasqo • Thomas Dimuzio
Dear µsounders -  

This is to let you know about two great electroacoustic shows, starting from tomorrow, Sun 09 Nov…

Of special interest to µsounders will be the dazzling digital & analog electronics of Amanda Chaudhary (अमांडा चौधरी), SuperCollider guru Tim Walters, mod-master Thomas Dimuzio, ROVA Saxophone Quartet's Steve Adams on laptop, and video software virtuoso Warren Stringer.

If you'll be in the San Francisco Bay Area, we hope to see you...


① MSP/Piano/+: w Beth Custer(clarinets/vocals) & Thomas Dimuzio(digital & analog electronics/synths): tomorrow, Sun 09 Nov, SF


◉ I join on laptop/piano for a night of electronic space exploration, reed/vocal virtuosity, and meta-rāga trance at the Bay Area's secret center for sonic exo-yakitori, Outsound Presents' SIMM

— + Set 2: Noertker's Moxie: Bill Noertker (contrabass), Annelise Zamula (saxes/flute), Dax Compise (drums), Joshua Marshall (saxes)

☞  Write-up, venue map, show times/details, and images: here  ☜

Sun Ra and friend, from the film Space Is The Place


②  MSP/Piano/+: w UBU RA BIG BAND@ Center for New Music's Sun Ra FRIENDLY GALAXIES extravaganza, this Wed 12 Nov, SF


◉Assembled from the luminous gas remnants of the Beanbenders Supernova & other far corners of the universe, we travel through the sonic space of Sun Ra’s repertoire and shine with the mysterious beauty of the black Sun..


— Steve Adams: electronics | possible wind instrument outbreaks
— Aaron Bennett: saxes
— Myles Boisen: guitar
— dancers: Nan Busse & Evangel King
— Phillip Greenlief: reeds
— John Hanes: drums
— Joe Lasqo: laptop | piano | objects
— Lisa Mezzacappa: bass
— Dan Plonsey: reeds
— Jon Raskin: reeds
— David Slusser: reeds
— video artist: Warren Stringer
— vocalists: Kattt Atchley & Barbara Golden

— + Set 1: Reconnaissance Fly (Polly Moller, Amanda Chaudhary (अमांडा चौधरी), Larry the O, Rich Lesnick, Tim Walters, and video artist John O'Shea)

— + Set 2: Electropoetic Coffee (NSAA: poet, Ross Hammond: guitar | electronics)

☞  Write-up, venue map, show times/details, and images: here  ☜

☞  Steve Smoliar's preview at Examiner.com: here  ☜


Hope to see you at these great shows...

Joe Lasqo

joe at joelasqo.com

Show calendar & news: http://www.joelasqo.com/blog/
Weekly: Viracocha, 21st & Valencia, SF, 3-6pm, Wednesdays
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